Frequently Asked Questions

What is direct primary care?

Direct Primary Care is a relatively new concept in Family Health Care. Although common in other states, Cardinal Family Medicine is one of only a few Direct Primary Care practices in Indiana. With Direct Primary Care you contract directly with your doctor, paying a fixed, monthly fee that covers many common services. This allows our patients to have all their routine health care needs met. Many then opt for less expensive, high deductible, catastrophic-type health insurance to cover the big stuff, saving them money overall.

Why pay a monthly membership fee? 

By paying an affordable monthly fee we can provide you with timely, high quality primary care you need when you need it. Your monthly fee covers physicals and other routine wellness and prevention appointments, sick visits and urgent care, chronic disease management and many other common services. By contracting with us directly, you can trust that we have no second agenda with insurance companies or healthcare networks. We work for no one but you. With the subscription model, you can be confident that we have the same goal as you: to get and keep you in good health.

I need an appointment. How do I get started?

If you are not yet a member, let's get you signed up. It is our goal to offer you same day or next day appointments. In addition to traditional clinic visits, we’re happy to offer other convenient ways to get your questions answered and concerns addressed. Once you become an established member, we are available to you by phone, email and even text. Of course, any issue requiring a physical exam is best done in-person at the clinic. 

Who will my provider be? 

Lucky for you, you will have two physicians available to meet your medical needs! Picture us both as a part of your healthcare team. If you decide in the future you do have a preference, just let us know and we will make every effort to accommodate your request. Learn more about us here.

Is this health insurance?

No. Your membership covers your primary care needs only. We recommend but don’t require our members to obtain health insurance to cover unexpected and more expensive healthcare needs. Typically, a high deductible catastrophic-type plan (Bronze) or a Medical Cost Sharing program will complement our services best without duplicating coverage. You can also find these types of insurance coverage through other private insurance providers or at

Are you guys a Parkview or Lutheran Hospital provider?

Neither. We are independent, local, old-school doctors. The only people we work for are you.  If you need a specialist, let us find you the best one for your needs. If you get sick and need to go to a local hospital, we will help figure that out with you. Even though we do not bill your health insurance, we can make sure to utilize your existing coverage when able.